Couples therapy

A heterosexual or homosexual relationship can dramatically enrich your life – however, relationships are steadily changing. The reason for that can be many factors, such as a change of external circumstances, emotional changes or quite simply the natural development of an individual and with it a change of one’s needs. These factors require an individual to steadily adapt in the course of his or her life, which can be challenging and lead to conflicts. A couples therapy will help you to better understand your relationship and its development and to find an effective way to make it life-enhancing.

    Relationship counselling (1-2 meetings)

    The decision to seek couples therapy is often a difficult one, but one that can yield fruit, once taken. Yet sometimes, we have certain fears and concerns that inhibit us from taking that step. Therefore, you have the opportunity to benefit from short-term relationship counselling spanning one or two sessions, in which you will get a picture of your situation as a couple.



    • Crisis
    • Work-life balance in a relationship
    • Conflicts caused by a change of family structure
    • Conflict between couples caused by patchworking
    • Conflicts caused by a specific event
    • Conflicts in sexuality
    • Conflicts caused by different preferences regarding the type of relationship


    Changes in a family, such as a separation of parents, illness of a family member or unsolved issues between family members, can cause conflicts. Family therapy can help the family members to identify and understand their relationship patterns and to learn an effective way to approach their conflicts.